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Super Visa (Complete information on how to get your parents or grandparents to Canada for up to two years a visit.)

Canada Super Visa - Rudraksh Immigration

What is Super visa Canada?

A multi-entry temporary visa, Canada Super visa permits you to visit your children or grandchildren – that are Canadian permanent residents or citizens of Canada – and stay in the country for up to two years per visit. You can enter Canada multiple times during the visa validity period of up to 10 years.

Who can apply for a Canada super visa?

To apply for a Super visa for Canada, you will have to be the parent / grandparent of a PR / citizen of Canada. Dependents cannot be included on a Canada Super visa application. If your spouse or partner will also be traveling to Canada with you, they will have to submit a separate application for the same.

Am I eligible for the Canada Super visa?

There are three basic criteria to be fulfilled. To be eligible for the Canada Super visa, you must –

1.) Be the parent / grandparent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada,
2.) Have a duly signed letter from your child or grandchild in Canada inviting you to Canada, and
3.) Have medical insurance.

How long can I stay in Canada on a Super visa?

A Super visa allows you to enter Canada many times, each time staying within the country for up to two years, without there being any requirement of getting your status renewed.

Can I stay in Canada permanently on my Super visa?

The super visa permits you to stay temporarily in Canada with your children and grandchildren that might either hold permanent resident status or be the citizens of Canada.

To be able to stay in Canada permanently, your Canadian child or grandchild will have to sponsor you for permanent residence through the Canadian Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP).

Do I need medical insurance for Canada Super visa?

Yes. You will need medical insurance as part of the eligibility criteria for Canada Super visa. Proper evidence that the medical insurance has been paid for will be needed. You cannot submit quotes for the same.

Do keep in mind that the medical insurance must be from a Canadian insurance company. The medical insurance for Canada Super visa must be valid for a minimum of one year from the date of your expected entry into Canada.

Will my Canadian children have to meet any income criteria for inviting me on Canada Super visa?

Evidence of adequate financial support or proof of funds will be needed as part of the eligibility criteria for Canada Super visa. The child or grandchild in Canada that will be inviting you to Canada must be able to prove that their household meets the minimum necessary income, also referred to as the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO).

Proof of funds can be shown by submitting any of the documents, such as – bank statements, pay stubs, letter from employer stating salary and date of joining, copy of most recent federal income tax notice of assessment, etc.

How to calculate the family size for Canada Super visa?

For calculating the family size, the following will have to be included –
  • Your child / grandchild inviting you to Canada
  • Their spouse or common-law partner
  • Their dependent children
  • Any individual sponsored previously by your child or grandchild
  • Your spouse or common-law partner, if applicable
The total number, as given above, will represent their family size. For example, if your child or grandchild is unmarried with no children and is inviting you, the family size comes to two. If your child in Canada has a family of four and will be inviting you and your spouse, the family size will be six.

Other Important FAQs

Is Super visa open in Canada?

You can apply for Canada Super visa online or on paper. The Canada Super visa cannot be applied for from within Canada. You must apply from outside Canada.

How much income is needed for Super visa?

Depends on the total family size. For a family size of three – child in Canada, married with no children; inviting one parent – the minimum necessary gross income required is $39,672. The total family size will include the individual’s family who is inviting as well as the person being invited.

Can Super visa be converted to permanent residency?

No, a Canada Super Visa for parents and grandparents is a temporary visa and cannot be converted to permanent residency.

Can parents on Super visa get PR?

The Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) route is for sponsoring your parents or grandparents for Canadian permanent residence. A Canada Super Visa, valid for 10 years allowing up to two-year stay per visit, is a temporary Canada visa. You can, however, stay in Canada on a Super visa while you have an outland sponsorship application for Canada PR status ongoing in your country of citizenship.

Does super visa need medical?

An Immigration Medical Examination (IME) will have to be undergone and results provided thereof.

Can I sponsor my mom to Canada?

You can sponsor your mother if you are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. With Canada Super visa, you can get your mother to stay with you in Canada for up to two years per visit in a 10 year visa validity. Sponsoring for permanent residence will require applying through the Parent and Grandparents Program (PGP).

How long does it take for Canada Super visa?

89 days is the current processing time for a Canada Super visa application when applying from India. The processing time excludes the time taken for the biometrics submission.

What’s the difference between Super visa and Visitor visa?

You can visit your children or grandchildren in Canada for up to six months on a visitor visa. However, if you want to stay in Canada for six months or above, you will have to apply for the Canada super visa instead. The Canadian visitor visa is generally available for everyone. The Super visa is only for the parents and grandparents of permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

Can I apply for a Canada Super visa from within Canada while on a visit?

No. You can only apply for the Canada Super visa from outside Canada.

Can I include dependents on my Canada Super visa application?

No. Dependents can’t be included when you apply for the Super Visa for Canada.

What can my child or grandchild do to meet the income requirement for Super visa?

The income of your child or grandchild in Canada must either meet or exceed the minimum required income cut-off. The cut-off is adjusted annually by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The family size must be mentioned in the Letter of Invitation, determining the amount of income required to provide care and support for you when in Canada.

What if my child can’t meet the income requirement for Canada Super visa?

The current income table by IRCC will have to be checked to confirm if they meet the minimum income threshold required as per their family size. If your child / grandchild does not meet the LICO minimum, their spouse or common-law partner can assist by including a Letter of Invitation from them as well.

How does a Parent and Grandparent Super visa differ from a multiple-entry Canada visa?

The main difference between the two is the duration of stay allowed. A 10-year multiple entry visa will let you enter Canada and stay for up to six months on each entry. The Super Visa, on the other hand, provides multiple entries in a 10 year duration, with a stay of up to two years per entry. Those coming to Canada on a 10-year multi-entry visa will have to apply for an extension and pay a new fee if they want to live beyond six months in Canada. A Super Visa lets you stay in Canada for up to two years a visit, without a need to renew your status. Unlike the 10-year multiple entry visa for Canada that has general requirements, the Canada Super visa has very specific requirements that must be met.

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