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Education for Indian Students in New Zealand: Why do Indian students want to study in New Zealand. New Zealand is known as a major education centre for Indian Students. There are over 500 universities and colleges supporting the research and training. Students in India consider mainly graduate, masters or you can say Level 7, 8 and 9 as a major point in their education career and therefore considering New Zealand education as a crucial step for their career, therefore giving an advantage for their professional career in various field. Government universities offer a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate programs.
New Zealand Visa Rudraksh immigration mohali


The advantages of the education system in New Zealand to international students can not be over-emphasised; it is a system that offers an attractive and stimulating academic environment. New Zealand has one of the top English-talking study-abroad objections for Indian Student. The nation offers admittance to cutting edge research aptitude through worldwide acclaimed personnel, labs, and innovation, with speculation of NZ$877 million every year. New Zealand gives a protected climate and future-centred instruction. Furthermore, the nation empowers worldwide understudies to seek after a worldwide vocation on consummation of their examinations, through an open three-year post-study work visa. In this post, visitor essayist Andrej Kovacevic alongside me expounds on an Indian Students manual for concentrate in New Zealand. There are eight state-financed colleges and 600 private colleges in New Zealand. Individuals going to state-funded colleges can attempt PhD projects, postgraduate and undergrad programs. There are 23 foundations of innovation and polytechnics (ITPS) where Indian Students can take postgraduate and undergrad professional courses. There are likewise Wananga establishments where you may find out about the Maori public. The training framework in New Zealand is rich and offers important courses for its participants.

For what reason Would an Indian Study in New Zealand? Businesses worldwide will respect a New Zealand organization with deference. They may not be as celebrated as Ivy League schools in the USA, or the high society colleges in the United Kingdom, yet they have a decent standing. Additionally, in contrast to concentrating in the UK, the USA or Europe, your cash goes far further in New Zealand. Suppers with new fixings in cafés will cost you not exactly USD $15. It is just in enormous urban communities where things begin getting excessively costly.
  • New Zealand is the youngest country on earth – the last major landmass to be discovered. It has a rich and fascinating history, reflecting both our Maori and European heritage. Amazing Maori historic sites and taonga (treasures), some dating back almost a thousand years, are a contrast to many beautiful colonial buildings.
  • English is the everyday language of New Zealanders and there is strong English Language support for international students.
  • Living and tuition costs compare well with other countries.
  • Travel to New Zealand is easy with direct flights from most major cities.


New Zealand is the youngest country on earth – the last major landmass to be discovered. It has a rich and fascinating history, reflecting both our Maori and European heritage. Amazing Maori historic sites and taonga (treasures), some dating back almost a thousand years, are a contrast to many beautiful colonial buildings.

With vast open spaces filled with stunning rugged landscapes, gorgeous beaches, often spectacular geothermal and volcanic activity, a temperate climate and fascinating animal and plant life, and it is no surprise that New Zealand’s pure natural environment is so attractive to visitors from other countries.

New Zealand has a unique and dynamic culture. The culture of its indigenous Maori people affects the language, the arts, and even the accents of all New Zealanders. Their place in the South Pacific, and their love of the outdoors, sport, and the arts make New Zealanders and their culture unique in the world.


  • The region is the top tier of local government in New Zealand. There are 16 regions of New Zealand. Twelve are governed by an elected regional council, while four are governed by territorial authorities (the second tier of local government) which also perform the functions of a regional council and thus are known as unitary authorities. The Chatham Islands Council is similar to a unitary authority, but is authorised under its own enabling legislation.
Main cities:
Auckland ( the commercial and business Hub), Wellington (the capital), Dunedin, Christchurch
The climate is temperate with pleasant seasonal changes and is conducive to study and recreation

Education System

  • Courses are available for academic, professional and vocational studies at universities, polytechnics and private training establishments.
  • Twenty-five institutions in New Zealand are part of the polytechnic system and provide education and training in a broad range of industry and occupation-based vocational studies. Many polytechnics offer undergraduate degree programs as well.
  • New Zealand has eight universities offering degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in academic and professional studies.
  • All universities offer a broad range of subjects for degrees in commerce, science and the arts. Each university has also developed its own specialists subjects, such as engineering, computer studies, medicine and agriculture.
  • There are also a number of private tertiary institutes and private training providers.


  • The academic year extends from February to November with many programs having a mid year intake in July. The major holiday period is December to February.
Students are allowed to work part-time 20 hours per week and full time during holidays while studying the course.
Work opportunities after studies
After the completion of studies, if the student gets a permanent job offer (an offer that qualifies the visa requirement) in the related field of study, he/she may apply for PR. Else, a student can stay in New Zealand there and search for a job on work permit.

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