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Apply for Australia PR Visa from India

If you are an Indian applicant for an Australia Visa, it is very important for you to first understand the Visa requirements before submitting the application. The documentation required for an Australia Visa differs from one Visa type to another. Here we present the basic guidelines and major documentation requirements for some major types of Australia Visas.

Comprehensive Guide on the Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Australia PR Visa is attracting immigrants all over the world owing to the diverse advantages offered by the Land Down Under. Australian immigration policies are immigrant-friendly and progressive.

When it comes to India, specifically, the Australia PR visa applications are increasing year after year. We offer you exhaustive details about the Australia Permanent Resident Visa for your proper understanding.

What is the Australia PR Visa?

The Australia Permanent Resident Visa is designed exclusively for individuals who are not Australian citizens. The process is not only organized and highly systemic but also adequately advanced for evaluation of the applications based on the individual credentials of the applicants.

Once you obtain the Australia PR Visa, you can remain in Australia indefinitely. You are also offered a travel facility of 5 years. The visa holder can arrive and exit from Australia any number of times till the expiry of this travel facility.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa holder is entitled to diverse rights and privileges as Citizens. It includes access to free or subsidized health and legal services. But a Permanent Resident does not have the Right to Vote in the Territory/State or Federal elections unless the registration dates before 1984.

After a specific waiting period, a PR Visa holder qualifies for Citizenship of Australia. Upon the completion of this duration, the individual has to take up the Citizenship test and a couple of other formalities. This can take around three to twelve months.

Requirements for Australia PR Visa

Australia Permanent Resident Visa is based on a system of points. The process to obtain these points is a combination of both online and offline activities. The major requirements of the Australia PR Visa are as follows:
1. The Documents
Apart from the usual travel and educational documents, you will primarily require 2 important documents:
  • International English Language Testing System - IELTS results for demonstrating your proficiency in the English language.
  • Results of skills assessment from an assessing authority for confirming the skills in a specific field.
2. Choose a suitable Visa
You must understand that Australia PR Visa has multiple categories in it. Thus it becomes very important for you to choose the most appropriate category that matches your skills and requirements. The most popular categories are:
  • State Nominated Subclass 190 Visa
  • Non-sponsored Subclass 189 Visa
  • Employer Nominated Subclass 186 Visa
3. Select a Profession from SOL
Alter you select the specific category of the PR Visa, you must select an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List Australia or SOL.
4. Apply via Points-based System
After completing the previous formalities, you have to apply directly to the Australia PR Points system. You must submit an Expression of Interest – EOI in the online portal Skill Select. It is an online system that preserves and maintains the profile details of the applicants such as age, name, work experience, gender, qualification, language proficiency, etc.

The system awards points to the applicants based on the factors of their profile. The total score of the applicant has to be at least 60 points to become eligible to apply for the chosen PR Visa stream through the system. Your chances of receiving the invitation to apply for the Australia PR Visa increase with the increase in a score higher than 60 points.
5. Health and Character Requirements
Apart from fulfilling the above criteria, you are also required to satisfy the health and character requirements. You must possess a morally sound character and should have physical and mental fitness to reside and work in Australia.

Benefits of Australia PR Visa

  • As an Australia Permanent Resident Visa holder, you can remain and work in Australia indefinitely with the facility to exit and arrive in Australia any number of times.
  • You can study the course of your choice in Australia through the Australia PR Visa.

Manitoba PNP

  • Australia PR Visa holders are entitled to the privileges of health insurance by the Australian government.
  • You can apply for the Citizenship of Australia as a PR Visa holder once you fulfill the necessary criteria.

Nova Scotia PNP

  • Australia PR Visa holders are eligible to sponsor their family members for the Provisional or Permanent Australia Visa.
  • As an Australia Permanent Resident Visa holder, you can also avail a few benefits of social security payment.

Saskatchewan PNP

  • You can work under an employer and for any employment as an Australia PR Visa holder.
  • Australia PR Visa holders also have the freedom to arrive in New Zealand or apply for New Zealand Visa.

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