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Learn to Calculate GPA and CGPA for Canada Study Visa

Calculating GPA and CGPA for Canada Study Visa - Rudraksh Group Mohali

Learn to Calculate GPA and CGPA for Canada Study Visa

Canada has emerged as an attractive foreign destination for a whole bunch of Indian students to migrate to. The reasons for that are quite simple. These include English as the medium of communication, high standards of living, access to myriad world-class educational institutes, interaction with a ton of international students to expand their horizons, and the ability to develop yourself personally and professionally. On top of that, Canada is a country where hundreds of thousands of Indian students are already living. In fact, Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali has processed thousands of visas already and has observed this pattern of migration to Canada.


GPA stands for Grade Point Average and this is something you would associate with how well a student has performed in a particular semester at a university. This method is used all across the globe in countries like European nations, Canada, the United States of America and more. You might have heard students often asking each other at the end of a semester about their GPA. It could range between 0 and 5.

On the other hand, CGPA refers to the Cumulative Grade Point Average. This, generally, addresses the performance of a student throughout the duration of a degree course. Hence, one would ask about the CGPA of a student after he/she has completed the entire course. This ranges from 0 to 10. Therefore, both these methods are adopted to judge the performance of a student but the difference lies in the duration (1 semester or an entire course).

How to Calculate GPA and CGPA

Now, before we explain the ways to calculate GPA and CGPA, we must give out a disclaimer that there are various methods to calculate these. As a matter of fact, some universities even have their own formulas to determine these parameters. Therefore, you must contact the university you are applying to in order to know the exact formula. Nevertheless, we will give you a general formula that applies to most cases and you will get an idea about your stats.

Depending on the grade you scored in a particular subject, you will be awarded a GPA score for it. You will then need to multiply that score by the number of credit hours for that subject. Doing this for all subjects, adding them up and dividing by the total number of subjects will give you the total GPA for that semester. Adding all these up and dividing by the total number of credit hours will give you the CGPA for the entire course.

In this way, one could know how close he/she is to the eligibility criteria of the university. Most universities will let you know in advance what GPA or CGPA they want their students to have in order to apply. These formulas will certainly help to get clarity in this regard.

Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali is an established name in the overseas education consultancy industry for almost 3 decades now. Having gone through the visa application process for various countries thousands of times, they know the ins and outs of the entire procedure. If you would like to discuss the details of your case with them, make sure to visit their office and contact them.

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