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What is the Australia
PR Visa?

Australia PR Visa - Rudraksh Group Mohali

The Australia Permanent Resident Visa is designed exclusively for individuals who are not Australian citizens. The process is not only organized and highly systemic but also adequately advanced for evaluation of the applications based on the individual credentials of the applicants.

Once you obtain the Australia PR Visa, you can remain in Australia indefinitely. You are also offered a travel facility of 5 years. The visa holder can arrive and exit from Australia any number of times till the expiry of this travel facility.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa holder is entitled to diverse rights and privileges as Citizens. It includes access to free or subsidized health and legal services. But a Permanent Resident does not have the Right to Vote in the Territory/State or Federal elections unless the registration dates before 1984.

After a specific waiting period, a PR Visa holder qualifies for Citizenship of Australia. Upon the completion of this duration, the individual has to take up the Citizenship test and a couple of other formalities. This can take around three to twelve months.

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